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Residential Designer in West Michigan, J. Hurst & Associates

cabin_picYou have a vision, now how to make that vision a reality? No one combines innovation, artistry and value like J. Hurst & Associates. As your designer we are specially educated to help you define what you want to build, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your valuable investment. We don’t just design walls and roofs. We create total living environments, interior and exterior, that are exciting places in which to work and live.

Our presence on your team will ensure that the project turns out to be the vision you imagined as form and function begin to emerge. We see the big picture by focusing on the finest detail. J. Hurst & Associates, Residential Design is a competent and noteworthy firm located among the Lakeshore communities in Fennville, Michigan. The firm has created a niche specialty in residential cottage design. Initial concept planning, complete construction documentation and project management are all offered on projects both large and small. chapel

As you review our project portfolio you will find not only many examples of single family residential designer and interior architectural projects where we work within the shell of existing residential structures. Remember, our intense focus affords our clients attention to even the smallest details of a project. Working with J. Hurst & Associates, Residential Design you will have access to professionals who can advise you on long and short term aspects of building design and construction, such as maintenance, expansion, flexibility, change in use, and the advantages of energy saving features.

Building in today’s marketplace is a complex undertaking that requires many different products and skills. Will your project require teaming with a consultant such as an arborist, soils laboratory, environmental consultant, structural engineer, interior designer and/or landscape designer? Let our expertise be your guarantee of expert direciton through the project process and ultimate satisfaction with the end product as we take on the challenge of designing your project to meet all criteria.

powellStep by step you will be assured that your building project begins and ends with the professionalism worthy of the architectural and construction industries.

The best reason to hire a design professional is that they will think of gorgeous, ingenious solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Our charge is to assist you in realizing
your dream, not forcing you into style submission. Designers are trained problem solvers and we are able to help our clients achieve aesthetic goals one decision at a time, while maintaining the end goal in site as one cohesive product.